For who and why?

Let me start off by stating why I’ve created this website, who it’s for and where the information you’ll find here is obtained and substantiated. At the date of me starting this website, summer 2019, I’ve reached a point where my knowledge in the field of movement is starting to mature enough to become aware of the grand scale of it all. This doesn’t say, by any mean, that I consider myself an expert, but hope to become one someday. Looking at the big picture, it’s more accurate if I say: I’ve just started moving in the vast pool of knowledge out there. Likewise, I’m no expert in English writing, so pardon me if there is any incomprehensible writing on this website, feel free to correct.

” I’ve just started moving in the vast pool of knowledge out there “

This is a platform where I can share information on movement and physical therapy as well as some personal growth experience. The goal is to inspire people in the field, as well as anyone, to put on a different pair of glasses when looking at movement, instead of our traditional Western perspective. To step out of our mechanical view, looking at individual parts, and see it as it is; the body as an integrated system, all parts interconnected, supporting each other in an harmonious dance of motion.

Thereby, just as stated in the previous paragraph, it will take some time for me to mature in this field, so any additional information is more than welcome, and I’ll be delighted to investigate. Just as any scientist, I’m happy to be challenged and willing to revise if necessary.

The bulk of this knowledge originates from my teacher Gordon Browne and his book: “A Manual Therapist’s Guide to Movement: Teaching Motor Skills to the Orthopaedic Patient”. The nature of this knowledge makes is inherently challenging to justify each claim as it’s best understood by personal, physical, experience. Nevertheless, we have an obligation to ratify and give narrative to statements made, for it will advance the acceptance and adoption of this pivotal material.

I hope to spark your interest in movement, or expand it, as it will benefit your physical and mental health.


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