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My name is Jasper Huisman and I’m a physical therapist (PT) graduated at the University of Utrecht in 2010. In the last year of my education I joined a young talent athletics team as a PT assistant. Through the principal PT I came in contact with a body screening system called ‘The Performance Matrix’ and here my journey in human movement began. This system taught me, more than they teach you in PT school, that regions in the body are interconnected. Enjoing the way of screening, treating and the results that it braught in patients, I started looking for contignued education courses that were in line with this newly developt knowledge.

I enrolled in a course called ‘Motor training with musculoseketal pain’ not fully knowing what to expect. This choise would completely change the way I work, how I see the human body and my whole life in general. The teacher, Gordon Browne, a American PT and manual therapist, writer of  (2006) A manual therapist’s guide to movement: teaching motor skills to the orthopedic patient, who made it his life work to build a bridge between functional movement systems like ‘Tai Chi, Qigong, Feldenkrais, Yoga’ and the world of PT. The course gave me answers to questions that I wasn’t yet aware of, but that made complete sense in how the human body should function most optimal. I was hooked. I enrolled in his second course in the Netherlands which reinforced my interest in this method. Afther the second course I was eager for more and enroled in the advanced course. So in May of 2018 I started my two year program in Washington USA.

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